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BadColor Released Heroine Conquest on Itch.io

Heroine Conquest, a unit management game about restoring the Demon Lord back to their former glory, is now available on Itch.io.

Heroine Conquest is a point-and-click management game created by the developer of the roguelike puzzle game, Sorceress End, in which the Demon Lord has been defeated by five heroines. The task falls upon the player to raise an army capable of defeating the heroines, breeding them, and restoring the Demon Lord back to his rightful place of power. Players have three types of units at their disposal: attack, defense, and capture. Attack units will deal damage, defense units can be used to distract the heroine, and the capture units tie up the heroine.

Each time a heroine defeats your units, you will gain experience points that can be used to improve your units’ stats when the round ends. Farm her each round for experience so your units can be strong enough to deal damage and eventually capture her. The heroine's health will regenerate often, so maintaining a strong offense is key to success. When the heroine's health is at 50%, you can send in capture units to bind her, with the heroine having to be bound three times in order to be captured. Afterwards, you will be rewarded with an animated H-scene.

The Demon Lord has been defeated by the Heroines. It is now up to you to command the evil troops to capture the Heroines and breed them. Conquer the Heroines and help the Demon Lord reign over the lands again.

A simple point and click game, with a unit upgrading system. Upgrade your units after every round, to further increase your chance of capturing the Heroine. Using a simple placement system, find the best strategy to capture the heroines with the least amount of tries.

Featuring fully high resolution animated scenes.

You can buy Heroine Conquest on Itch.io for $4.00. There is also a demo available, featuring one of the game's levels.

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