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Hero Roy's Wedding, SwordRP5’s dating sim about a hero finding a woman to settle down with after saving the world, has been released on Steam.

Hero Roy's Wedding is a hybrid between an adventure game and a dating sim, set in a fantasy world after the titular hero banished its villains. Seeing that Roy successfully saved everyone, the king promised to cover all expenses for his wedding, granting him a full month to choose his spouse. It’s during this period that players take control of Roy, helping him in his dating spree.

Even for a hero, love isn't as easy as picking flowers. While Roy can decide from a selection of female characters, other men are vying for the women’s affection as well. Players have to use the game’s month-long time limit wisely, spending time not only dating heroines but also stopping other men from doing the same by interrupting their flirting attempts.

Throughout the story, players can watch Roy engage with a multitude of heroines. At the same time, if one of the heroines is neglected and ends up with another man, a cutscene of their time together will become available. In total, Hero Roy's Wedding features over one hundred special events with just as many unique CGs, as well as over 900 images when accounting for their variants. The game’s ending differs depending on which and how many heroines the player manages to impress by the time the marriage ceremony is due.

As a hero who saved the world, Roy is loved by many girls, and he will choose a girl to marry in a month's time.

The king promised to hold a luxurious wedding for Roy, and you will operate Roy for a month to date the girl you like and cultivate love.

It seems that everything is so beautiful, but those beautiful girls who like you are also pursued by other men.

If you take a wrong step, the girl you love will be taken away by another man.

Do you want to be a single-minded man, or a playboy? It's all in your choice.

Game play

• In the game, you will have 30 days to act.You can enhance the love of the girl you like by giving gifts and dating.

• At the same time, you need to pay attention to the NTR events on the map, and stop them immediately, otherwise the girl's purity will be reduced, which will lead to a bad end

• After an event occurs, you will be given a DVD of the event, with more than 100+ DVDS to collect.

• There are many endings in the game, please collect all endings, all DVDS as the goal of the game.

Game Features

• 100+ beautiful CG, 900+ difference

• 100+ Special events

• multiple endings

Hero Roy's Wedding is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $7.99 until January 4th, at which point it will cost $9.99.

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