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Horror Game The Way Back Home: Sinister Night Now Available on DLsite

The Way Back Home: Sinister Night, Travelling-Cat Camp’s horror game about a woman trekking through haunted streets each night, is now available on DLsite.

The Way Back Home: Sinister Night is an unsettling erotic game about a woman living on her own. She managed to find an unbelievably cheap apartment to rent, but the affordable price comes with a catch: there are no showers in the building. Each night, she has to venture out and visit the local bathhouse to scrub herself clean. While it's thankfully only about 10 minutes away from her house, the real issue is returning home. At night, the streets seem more than unsettling; from dead animals to crazy people and even ghosts, the road back from the bath seems deadlier each night.

The game focuses mainly on atmospheric horror, with unsettling events playing out as players guide the heroine home. Many items on the road can be investigated and even interacted with at times, with the player’s behavior leading to different endings to the story. There is no explicit sex in The Way Back Home: Sinister Night. Instead, players can see the heroine and other characters in the nude, often in public places. The game is comprised of 6 chapters with over 54 CGs to discover, though this count includes all images and not just erotic artwork.

Feel the atmosphere and some mild jumpscares as you progress through the story.

The story is built around a ghost story with supernatural experiences.

Multiple endings are available.

*Using earphones is recommended.

This work was made in collaboration with "Eliminator Kaede" of "Moyashi Institute of Technical Research".

Thank you to "kamichichi" for technical support as well!

The Way Back Home: Sinister Night is now available on DLsite for $18.05 (estimated from ¥2,420). A demo of the game is available on the store page.

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