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Miss Neko 3, Double W’s puzzle game about solving puzzles and learning more about cats and cat girls, has been published by Toffee Cafe on Steam.

Miss Neko 3 is a puzzle game about matching color groups. Each of the game’s 40 levels presents players with a board of colored square tiles. Players can choose any connected group of three or more tiles of the same color to remove it, causing all tiles to slide down, with new ones appearing from the top. In each stage, the player is challenged to remove a set number of tiles of a given type within a limited number of moves. Making the game trickier is the presence of special tiles; for example, one set of special tiles require adjacent tiles to be broken first before they can be targeted.

Depending on your score in a given level, you’ll obtain gold. This currency can be spent on food items that can be gifted to the game’s cat girl mascots. There are nine characters to unlock in total, with erotic animations available for each of them, provided you can figure out their favorite foods. Each heroine is a kemonomimi meant to represent a specific cat breed. As you unlock them, you’ll gain access to trivia about each of them.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the psychedelic city — Neko City96572! All good things you want will happen here! Just dance with the charming neko, solve their match puzzles, and you will get mysterious rewards! Unlock different types of catgirls and reveal the secrets on them. Find different ways to play ingeniously. Come and explore! Neko City96572 is waiting for you to work miracles!


• 40 levels of relaxed puzzle match game

• 8+1 charming magic cats

• Knowledge of cats all around the world

• Top-notch 2D animation performance

• 100 Achievements

♥CG Gallery Mode♥

Miss Neko 3 is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $2.09 until January 5th, at which point it will cost $2.99. Adult content has to be installed separately through a free DLC.

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