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Slaves, Sailing Company‘s RPG about a reincarnated hero building an army of slaves to banish evil, has been released on FAKKU and JAST.

Slaves is a casual isekai RPG, in which the game's protagonist is reincarnated into a fantasy world following his death. Being placed in lands tormented by various evils, he opts to pick up the life of an adventurer. As he works doing various tasks for the guild, it becomes apparent that the optimal way to build a strong party is to simply buy up slaves and arm them to combat demons.

The gameplay of Slaves follows in line with this brief synopsis of the game. Players can explore the world as the hero, picking up new tasks from the adventuring guild and then spending their money on gear and slave women. The combat system revolves around party composition, with players able to pick up to ten slaves to fight in their stead, with the hero and his partner hiding in the back line to occasionally help out. The slaves fight on their own, automatically choosing their actions. How well you manage your party will dictate how easily your slaves can win.

A man who dies in an accident gets reincarnated into a parallel world, where he must collect slaves to fight evil!

-Quest system

Accept quests at the Adventurer's Gild and explore the world!

Fight bandits, take out drug lords, and take down cults to progress the story.

-Slave system

Purchase slaves to power up!

You can purchase slaves from the slave merchant who's always around on the 2nd floor of the bar.

The more quests you complete at the Adventurer's Gild, the more slaves you can purchase.

-Fight enemies with 12 different characters! *10 of them will be on auto-pilot

Fight enemies with 12 different characters. All hands-on deck!

You only need to control the main character and the heroine. The others will be on auto-pilot.

The main character will be hiding most of the time. If necessary, he'll pop out to help his teammates.


Main character: Shota

The main character who gets reincarnated into the fantasy world of "Spindle Sugar".

Although not a fighter himself, he can help his party with his reincarnation moves.

Heroine: Etrese

Ex-assassin. Deeply in love with the main character.

Slaves is now available on JAST for the promotional price of $13.49, as well as on FAKKU for the full price of $14.99.

Previously, the game also released on Steam where it's currently available for the promotional price of $5.99 until January 5th, at which point it will cost $14.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately using a patch available on the publisher’s website.

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