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Waifu Fighter, Happy Monster Studio’s first-person fighting game about challenging the world's strongest women, has been published by Mango Party on Steam.

Waifu Fighter is a first-person fighting game where you play as a man who challenges the strongest women in the world. Over the course of a single night, genetics were mutated, causing women to develop great physical strength, as well as violent tendencies. In the wake of this event, men fell straight to the bottom of society’s hierarchy. With the world now ruled by women, the disciple of the patriarchy, Jack Hoff, decides to step up to restore the honor of all men. After years of training, he will enter the Tourney of Supreme Warriors, a competition run exclusively by women. Jack will use his charm and strength to beat the toughest girls in the tournament and make it out on top.

There are five locations where you can choose a woman to battle, including Katie, the Mongkok Babe; Chin-Lan, the China Doll; Fuuka, the Ninja Teen; Danielle, the Vampire Queen; and Wummy, the Tribal Warrior. Players will have to follow the quick-time events during battles to block the girls' attacks. Once she lets her guard down, players will be able to attack her as much as possible to reduce her health bar. As the women sustain damage, their clothes will get more torn up and when you win the match, you will get to have sex with them.

===Game Intro===

Feel the joy of smashing flesh!

Upgrade your training and feel DA POWER!

C'mon! Laugh it up with the goofs of dating!

Spooge all over the place!

The baddest bitches in the universe... await your challenge!

Waifu Fighter Fist is a 2D adult action, narrative game. Get ready for:

* 5 battles

* 5 storylines

* 10 sex scenes

* Full Chinese voice acting

You can purchase Waifu Fighter on sale from Steam for $7.19. After December 28th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $7.99.

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