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Crafting RPG Golem Builder Now Available on Steam

Create the most optimized golem to win fighting tournaments in PinySoul’s fantasy RPG Golem Builder, now available on Steam.

Golem Builder is a simple fantasy game, simulating the life of an inventor specialized in creating servants of living stone. The game’s main heroine strives to be the best at the craft, and for this reason, decided to make her living off of golem fighting tournaments. The player's task in the game will be to craft the best possible golem for the next upcoming fight.

Players can customize their golem by changing its core, head, chest, arms and legs. The parts chosen parts will impact its stats, from max HP and MP, down to three types of defense, attack, agility, and luck. Certain items will also grant the golem access to different skills.

These abilities can then be used during the tournaments, where players will fight enemies using skills and attacks in standard, turn-based RPG battles. Fights won’t always be fair, with multiple golems challenging the player’s creation at once; however, if their servant can win the battle, players are rewarded with gold, which can be used to craft newer, more powerful parts and better prepare for the next challenge. Naturally, this will also open the opportunity to celebrate with their creation, becoming intimately acquainted with their own personal golem.

Golem Builder is a strategy game. Our main character is a mage who decided to be the best golem builder in the world. She will have to build golems to win lots of tournaments and become the greatest of them all.

Craft golem parts and upgrade them to make sure your golem is the best one.

In this game, you'll have to build a golem to fight other golems in order to win the tournaments.

This game aims to make you challenge your strategy on building a battler, with many hentai animations.

-Nudity or sexual content

-All scenes within the game are consensual

-A bunch of unique H-animations

-Crafting golem parts

-Upgrade the golems

-Not suitable for watching at work

-Not suitable for all ages

-All characters in the game are over 18 years old

Golem Builder is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $0.89 until December 27th, at which point it will cost $0.99. The game can also be purchased on Itch.io for $1.00.

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