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Aedian Glair's crowdfunding campaign for Xissai: the Snake Temple, a yaoi visual novel about a pair of impoverished twin boys, is now live on Kickstarter.

Xissai: the Snake Temple is a yaoi visual novel being developed by Aedian Glair, the creator of Diamond Mirage. The story follows Sekhavel and Seles, two poor twins who were abandoned at birth. No one paid them any mind when they were children, but as they grew up, they had noticeable differences from everyone else: smooth skin without imperfections, round almond eyes with serpent-like pupils, and sharp, fang-like canines. People often gossiped about the twins, viewing them as a bad omen.

One day, they were abducted by strange men and brought to a temple known as the Celestial Scale Palace. This is where the men worship the Xisseth, a half-snake man who offered vitality to his followers through sexual acts in exchange for their faith. It's here where Sekhavel and Seles learn that they are Xissai, boys blessed by Xisseth that have yet to awaken to their true selves. Their purpose is to serve the priests and a chosen few with their bodies and souls. While a world of pleasure yet awaits them, there's so much they still don’t understand about this new faith.

The choices players make in the game will influence the characters' feelings and actions. It's up to players to decide whether they want to remain obedient or act rebellious. The game is planned to have a 70k-100k word count and three unique endings.

Aedian Glair will need €2,000 (approx. $2,121 USD) to fund Xissai: the Snake Temple. If they reach their goal before the campaign's end, there are still four stretch goals to work towards, though only one has been revealed so far. If they reach €5,000 ($5,333 USD), a poll will be made for all backers, where they can decide on extra sex scenes that can be added to the game. The other mystery stretch goals are at €8,000 ($8,533), €11,000 ($11,733), and €15,000 ($16,000).

Additionally, those who make a pledge toward the Kickstarter can earn plenty of rewards.

At €25 ($27 USD), you will receive a copy of Xissai: the Snake Temple with early access, a digital art package, and a special mention in the credits.

At €50 ($54 USD), you will receive everything from the previous tier and an acrylic keychain or acrylic standee of your choice. The keychain depicts Sekhavel and Seles together and the standee features Seles.

At €100 ($107 USD), you will receive everything from the previous tier, a set of stickers, two holographic pin badges, and a cosmetic/pencil bag.

At €125 ($133 USD), you will receive everything from the first reward tier and a two-sided body pillow cover of Seles. There are two versions available, with one being safe for work, while the other is uncensored.

At €200 ($213 USD), you will receive everything from the first reward tier and a life-size Seles doll pillow cover. Just like the body pillow, there is a SFW and NSFW version.

At €225 ($239 USD), you will receive the game with early access, the digital art package, a special mention in the credits, a keychain, standee, sticker set, pin badge set, body pillow cover, and your choice of a cosmetic/pencil bag or tote bag.

For €300 ($319 USD), you will receive a combination of rewards from the fourth and fifth tiers. This tier contains the game with early access, a digital art package, the body pillow cover, and the doll pillow cover.

At €500 ($531 USD), you can get every item in all prior reward tiers, but you will still need to choose between the body pillow cover and the doll pillow cover. You will also receive an exclusive t-shirt for this campaign and a handwritten thank-you letter from Aedian Glair.

The Kickstarter for Xissai: the Snake Temple ends on February 18th. As of this article's writing, Aedian Glair has raised €1,502 (approx. $1,602 USD) for the campaign. You can find out more information about the campaign on Kickstarter. If you want to play the game's demo, you can download it from Itch.io. To play the demo uncensored, you will need to download the patch from their Patreon and extract it from the game's files.

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