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Two humans are brought to an all-girls magic school to reignite an interest in magic in Hatchet Games' in-development dating sim, Maeve’s Academy.

Maeve’s Academy is an adventure game that prominently features romance, magic, and quests. When you start the game, you will immediately be asked about three preferences: if you want the girls to have pubic hair or be shaven, if pregnancy should be enabled, and if you want to see virginal blood. Afterwards, you take control of the protagonist, Arthur Hugh (whose name can be changed), a human man that can use magic. Seeing that it's a rarity for humans to use magic, he and his childhood friend, Jade, were enrolled into H M Academy, a magic school for witches.

After arriving at school, the head mage, Ms. Maeve explains that the school only has female students and faculty. To deal with the dilemma, casts a spell so that Arthur will appear as a girl to all but a select few; only Ms. Maeve, Jade, and the school nurse will know that Arthur is a boy. On his first day of class, he learns that his class only consists of four students, including himself and Jade. Apparently, magic is barely used in the magic realm: witches rarely use magic, elves are outright unable to, and demons use magic to cause mischief for others. The Academy will need Arthur’s help if they want to restore the realm’s interest in magic.

Maeve’s Academy features a day and night cycle, where players will need to sleep in order to move on to the next day. Players can move around the map with the options available to them, though some areas won’t be accessible at certain times of day. Gameplay involves speaking with characters to accept quests and getting to know them better. As players advance through the story, they will collect more information on the girls and new outfits for Arthur and the girls to wear. Additionally, players can also make outfits themselves by either crafting or buying them.

You can play the current build of Maeve’s Academy on for free. If you enjoy the game, consider checking out Hatchet Games’ Patreon.

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