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Three old visual novels published on MangaGamer in the past are finally getting released on Steam.

MangaGamer has published three titles on Steam that were first released on their store from 2014-2016. These games include one game by Amenomurakumo: Obscene Medical Records of a Married Nurse, and two by Appetite: Forbidden Love with My Sister’s Wife and My Boss’ Wife is My Ex ~Reluctantly Drowning in Sex Deals After Hours~.

In Obscene Medical Records of a Married Nurse, Inoue Yumi is a young woman who just got promoted to being the head nurse. During the night shift, one of the patients goes into critical condition and Yumi tries to treat him. She fails due to a medical blunder and his condition worsens, so her colleague Dr. Morishima must step in. He treats the patient and manages to save his life. The next night, Dr. Morishima and Yumi are working a shift together. He is looking for her but she is nowhere to be found. While searching, he hears her voice coming from the patient’s room from yesterday. Yumi is having sex with the patient.

Forbidden Love with My Wife’s Sister is an NTR visual novel where a woman steals her sister’s husband. Handa Masayuki and Mayuki had finally gotten married after seven years of being together. They have moved in together and Mayuki’s sister, Natsumi Sasa, has volunteered to help them get settled in. Little did they know, Sasa had selfish intentions. While she was alone with Masayuki, she confessed her feelings for him. Given the opportunity, Sasa would kiss him and lift up her skirt in front of him to seduce him. If Mayuki came into the room, Sasa would just straighten their clothes and act as if nothing ever happened. Masayuki’s lust began to grow and he soon kept a secret affair with Sasa from his wife Mayuki.

My Boss’ Wife is My Ex ~Reluctantly Drowning in Sex Deals After Hours~ is an eroge where a man reunites with his ex-girlfriend. Shiho broke up with Tomoki because of how different they are. It came as a shock for Tomoki, and it was the last time they saw each other. Years later, he was able to land a job at a mid-sized company. One day, the president of that company announced that he will be stepping down and that the vice president will be succeeding him. Tomoki soon finds out that the new president’s wife is Shiho Kamiya, his ex-girlfriend, and she will be in charge of accounting at the company. With her in control, she has been strict on management and keeps a constant eye on everyone’s productivity. Since she was efficient at her job, no one could stand against her, but everyone felt a sense of frustration and dissatisfaction working under her.

You can purchase Obscene Medical Records of a Married Nurse, Forbidden Love with My Wife’s Sister is an NTR, and My Boss’ Wife is My Ex ~Reluctantly Drowning in Sex Deals After Hours~ on Steam for $8.99. All three games will be on sale for 40% off until January 5th, when they'll return to their normal $14.99 pricetag.

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