Putting the D in the double D.

Alma and the Fragments of Cursed Memories, wagasi biyori’s RPG about a sorceress who accepts a quest to hunt a unique monster, is now available on DLsite.

Alma and the Fragments of Cursed Memories follows the titular animal-eared sorceress, Alma, on a guild-sanctioned assignment to hunt down a monster. Powerful and renowned, Alma is well-known for both her skills and helping people around her hometown; however, she finds it difficult to manage her coffers, often ending up with nothing to pay for food. This careless behavior eventually upsets her friend, who runs the local guild. As such, he persuades Alma to accept a mysterious job offer. It was filed legally but includes no details other than to ask the client directly. The man in question lives in a remote village and offers a massive sum as a reward.

As Alma soon discovers, the quest involves slaying a never-before-seen monster. Various adventurers have tried their hand at it in the past and failed, as only those with magical powers can approach it without falling unconscious. As a skilled beastkin, Alma’s magical powers are ones not to be taken lightly. She accepts the tasks and hunts down the beast, but the client’s daughter, Emina, follows her along for an unknown reason. The girl ends up ambushed by the monster, forcing Alma to save her, leading to the sorceress becoming cursed.

With her magic power weakened by the monster, Alma has no choice but to call for the help of Kyrie, a specialist in curses. Between the mysterious monsters, Emina’s reckless behavior, and her father’s secrecy, Alma faces a true mystery to unravel.

During her investigation, Alma will gain hints as to where to find the monster and how to properly address her curse. Players will take control of her during travels, fighting monsters, leveling up, and buying new equipment along the way.

The game uses a turn-based combat system, with Alma relying mainly on her magic to defeat enemies. Spells aren’t cheap to cast, though, forcing players to carefully manage their resources during exploration. Alma's MP can only regenerate by either resting at special crystals, sleeping, or using consumables.

If over 50% of Alma's health is depleted, a monster’s attacks can tear her clothing apart. If this happens, she will be open to being grappled and abused, in turn increasing her lust and associated erotic stats.

Rape during combat is the game’s leading focus, though other erotic scenarios may also take place during story segments. The game features 30 base CGs and over 250 images when accounting for their variants. Beating Alma and the Fragments of Cursed Memories also unlocks every potential scene in the game's recollection room.

Alma and the Fragments of Cursed Memories is now available on DLsite for $10.46 (estimated from ¥1,430). A demo of the game is available on the store page.

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