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Femdom visual novel My Gym Mommy Treats Me Like A Kid! is now available on

My Gym Mommy Treats My Like A Kid! is brought to you by Peach Punch! Games, the same developer of The Bodyguard Girl Is Too Strong!!!. Just like their last game, the world is set in the Muscle Maidens universe where strong and dangerous women will dominate over you. Daisuke Sato, an average salary man, got the opportunity to join a high class and exclusive Silver’s Gym.

He was looking forward to joining, but, upon arrival, he was humiliated and mocked by the muscular female members for his lanky physique. Daisuke felt discouraged until a blonde muscular woman came to his aid. Her name was Minami Nakayama, a soft-spoken woman with a motherly disposition. She has been encouraging and cheering up Daisuke, but could she have any ulterior motives? How far will Daisuke submit to Minami, and will he even go as far as to call her "mommy"?

The game features two hours of story content with three different endings that vary depending on your level of submission. H-scenes feature fetishes and sex acts such as light humiliation, light bondage, nursing handjob, foot job, thigh job, and more. Keep in mind that Minami will always be in full control and there are no reversals in this femdom visual novel.

- About two hours of story to be read through (~35 000 word count)

- 3 different endings, depending on your level of submission

- 4 fetish-centered scenes (no sex but domination undertones)

- 4 H-scenes

- Your chance to become a very good boy

You can purchase My Gym Mommy Treats Me Like A Kid! on for $4.99.

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