Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

KoboldKare, Naelstrof’s farming simulator about raising kobolds from birth and selling their produce, is now available on Steam.

KoboldKare is a first-person farming game where you can produce kobolds. Players take control of a kobold who runs a farm that breeds other kobolds and sells off their produce. The main goal is to make your kobolds breed and see what different combinations of kobold you can make. The genes of the parents will be passed onto the offspring, leading to the kobolds all having different stats, bodily proportions, and parts. Some genetic traits will be more profitable than others. Earn money by selling kobolds, eggs, and milk. You can also interact with and perform quests for the other characters around town. As your farm develops, you can buy more equipment, toys, and other resources.

As a kobold, there are plenty of fun activities to take part in, such as surfing, bunny hopping or trimping around the map or trying to launch yourself through the air on a jump pad. It's even possible have sex with your own kobolds. KoboldKare allows you to create your own sex scenes by giving you control of the character model to pose however you like. The game also includes multiplayer, giving players the ability to work on the farm and fuck kobolds with their friends.

KoboldKare is a DRM-free made for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers with the following features:

- A Quake/CS:S movement inspired movement system. Bunnyhop and trimp off of rocks for maximum height, speed-forage the forest with record time.

- A chemical system that lets you mix basic chems and feed them to Kobolds.

- Grow Kobolds with random stats, parts, and proportions!

- You can sell Kobolds, eggs, and produce for cash!

- Play with an extremely detailed GPU-powered sex penetration system with knot forces, procedural bulging, deformations...

- Buy machines, toys, and resources from the City.

- Working multiplayer! Manage a farm with your friends, or have sex with 8-16 other players online!

You can purchase KoboldKare on sale from Steam for $10.49. After December 22nd, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $14.99.

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