Clean up for the next guy

Live stream and build a popular account in OnlyFap: Fitness Baby🔞💦, available on Steam.

OnlyFap: Fitness Baby🔞💦 is part of BanzaiProject’s OnlyFap series of clicker games, with the focus of each game being that the main character is trying to build a successful adult streaming channel. Help her manage and promote the account so she can gain a fanbase. If you earn enough money, you can hire teams to create even better videos to please your fans. After reaching each goal, you will be rewarded with a short, sexy video of the main character. The theme of the game this time around is fitness and the gym, so most of the videos will take place in rooms with exercise equipment.

Gain fans and followers by posting content and building up a profitable social media account. Use the money you earn on improving your promotions and training. You'll be able to unlock upgrades for more warm-ups, basic training, stamina, and power, but to make the game more convenient, and managers can be hired to automate clicking for you. Additionally, there are three different minigames: a runner, rhythm, and puzzle game.

OnlyFap: Fitness Baby 🔞💦 is a casual clicker adult game that looks like a popular social media.

Start your own OnlyFap stream account with our protagonist!

She bought a camera and she is very thrilled to start working on it with you!

Game Features:

- Setting like popular social media

- Incredible clicker mechanics

- Beautiful female main character

- Awesome 3D animations &videos

- Hire managers to help clicking for you

- Unlock upgrades to boost profits

You can purchase OnlyFap: Fitness Baby🔞💦 on sale from Steam for $4.89. After December 17th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $6.99.

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