Putting the D in the double D.

Catgirls From My Sweet Dream, CUTE ANIME GIRLS' puzzle game about helping cat girls with their daily tasks, is now available on Steam.

Catgirls From My Sweet Dream is a hybrid of a match-3 puzzle game and a visual novel, developed by CUTE ANIME GIRLS and published by Tranquility games. The game is set in Nekoville, a small Japanese village located deep in the mountains. The catgirls who live there are always willing to treat you, as the protagonist, to some traditional sweets, sushi, and sashimi. If you help them with their daily tasks, the catgirls will reward you with more than just food.

Players will be able to go on dates with girls and solve match-3 puzzles to help them. In these puzzle game sections, a gauge will be gradually filled each time the sushi tiles are connected. Players will then be graded on how well they complete each level: if three stars are earned, players will get the chance to pick a power-up item, which can be used in the game's other levels. If you add the 18+ DLC to the game, it will add more character levels, endings, and naked cat girls. As you progress through levels with the DLC, the catgirl will strip off her clothes. The cat girls and colorful village backgrounds are animated with Live2D, with the game's soundtrack featuring Lo-fi hip hop from multiple different artists.


- Magical Japanese Setting

- Lots of levels, unusual story and stunning finale!

- Visual novel with “Match 3” gameplay

- Dates with Nekogirls

- Unusual vibrant story

- Live2d animations

- Animated backgrounds

- Excellent Lofi hip hop by the masterly mind-blowing G374, smth.nothing, Zephyr Deer, of4gatto_feelin, Meloxen ♥

You can purchase Catgirls From My Sweet Dream on sale from Steam for $2.54. After December 14th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $2.99. Don’t forget to download the Neko Girls 18+ DLC.

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