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A young wizard embarks to save her mother from goblins in EZOGORO’s Goblin Hunter Wizard Emona, a 2D platformer now available on Steam.

Goblin Hunter Wizard Emona is a fantasy action platformer set near the town of Midara, located near a goblin habitat. In recent times, the townsfolk have been attacked, with their women even being kidnapped outright. To address this, the mayor erected new defensive ramparts to protect the city, while his wizard daughter, Emona, decided to embark into the habitat to slay the goblins and save the town’s kidnapped women, including her mother.

The game is a sidescroller with platforming and beat'em-up elements. Emona will have to fight goblins and traverse jumping challenges while being followed by her squire, Detao. The boy’s company is a necessity, as wizards in this world recover their magic power from semen. Players will have to be wary in combat, as the need for Detao’s seed could leave them unable to cast spells. Defeated enemies leave gold behind, which can be used to purchase new weapons for Emona.

Aside from Detao’s help in restoring Emona's MP, the game features erotic story cutscenes and game-over animations. Which of the defeat scenes play out depends on what weapons Emona was using at the time of defeat.

The first work of the "Wizard Emona" series with plenty of pixel animations

• All event scenes are dot animation!

• Wizard Emona, who is the control character, recovers her magical power by drinking the man's semen.

• Only Emona can be controlled in action scenes, and the man in charge of luggage cannot be controlled and only follows Emona. Good guidance!

• When Emona is killed by a goblin, there is an H scene where Emona is defeated.

•There is a difference in the defeat scene for each of Emona's magic weapons. Completely different events depending on the weapon!?

• There is a double jump unique to action!

• After helping a girl with an attribute, after thanking her with her baggage handler, Emona who drank her semen learns her new magic.

• As the stage progresses, the prop shop woman gets more intense with the luggage man and the handjob event scene.

• First in the industry!? By turning on the "hide parts" setting, a mysterious light appears in the risqué parts and can be distributed on YouTube, etc.!?


Midara, a town near the goblin habitat.

Many girls in town have been kidnapped by goblins.

Mayor Osirisuki surrounded the city with ramparts, and his daughter Emona was also a goblin-slaying wizard.

The townspeople highly praised her anti-goblin policy and her support rate was high.

Wizards in this world use semen to restore their magical powers, so they need followers to go on adventures.

Meanwhile, with her new squire, Emona travels deep into Goblin Habitat to find her mother and save her town girls...

Goblin Hunter Wizard Emona is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $11.99 until December 15th, at which point it will cost $9.59.

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