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Patrick Fillion, Dizdoodz, and hotcha have teamed up and launched a Kickstarter campaign for their bara roguelike action game, Drake’s Dungeon.

A team of prolific bara artists joined forces to produce a yaoi action game filled with demonic studs. This new project by hotcha, Patrick Fillion, and Dizdoodz, has been titled Drake’s Dungeon. The title will take players into the enormous Labyrinthe: a brothel, bar, and a massive, living underground dungeon maintained by Luro, a nefarious imp. This magical place listens to the needs of its inhabitants, shifting its rooms to feed their desires, becoming one of the biggest nests of debauchery in the demon world; however, its owner notices an unusual mutation spreading through the walls. As it turns out, this mysterious plague is turning Luro’s guests into mindless, brutal monsters.

Too weak to handle the issue on his own, Luro hires the hunkiest demons around as his bodyguards, asking for their help in getting to the bottom of the dungeon, from where the source of this corruption stems. Luro, being a naughty imp at heart, still can’t help but mess with the demons for his enjoyment as well, pulling out their desires as they investigate the dungeon.

Fans of the artists behind the project might recognize the faces among its leading cast, which includes Deimos from Patrick Fillion’s Class Comics, Derek from Dizdoodz’s Crown’s Reverie, and Drake from hotcha’s works, alongside other familiar faces and entirely new additions.

Between the title's spicier visual novel story segments, players will control Luro’s bodyguards in survival stages that take place in the depths of the dungeon. The gameplay is that of a survival roguelike, with players defending themselves against waves of enemies until the final boss spawns. Defeated enemies drop gems which will power up the player, allowing them to either level up and improve one of their attacks or abilities, or learn an entirely new passive skill. Some attacks will fire off automatically, while others have to be aimed and activated, such as Drake’s magic missiles and his fiery dash.

The team is asking for $10,929 (estimated from CA$15,000), which would allow them to produce a bare-bones version of the game. This iteration would feature three unique dungeons, each with their own boss, and ten chapters of the story. The more money the team can gather, the more the game will be improved. With $18,211 (estimated from CA$25,000) the team could ensure at least three playable characters and 15 chapters of the story. Their ideal version of Drake’s Dungeon would feature procedurally generated levels, at least four dungeons, and over 25 chapters.

The Kickstarter is structured like a pre-order campaign, with the lowest tier being about $20 (estimated from CA$34), guaranteeing backers a copy of the game on launch. Higher tiers will allow players to access the game earlier, even in its beta phase. The campaign's most expensive pledges will allow fans to access a digital artbook of the game and have their names included in the credits.

The team acknowledges that their greatest challenge will be gathering enough funds to make a quality product, while still catering to a very specific niche; however, they assure that they have enough experience working as crowdfunded creators to make good on their promises.

You can play a demo of Drake’s Dungeon and support the project over on Kickstarter.

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