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Cosplay Fever!!, Genesis Arthangel’s interactive simulator about a couple searching for a way to spice up their relationship, is now available on Steam.

Published by ImagineVR/ImaginePLAY, Cosplay Fever!! is a more casual game where you complete challenges and collect H-scenes. As the protagonist, you and your girlfriend have been together for years, but your relationship has since lost its spark: everything has grown boring, with neither of you knowing how to fix this. Since you promised to marry her after she finished school and still love each other, you can’t bring yourself to break up with her. One day, you come across and enter a suspicious shop on your way home. After talking to the female shopkeeper about your problem, she suggests trying out something a bit different with your girlfriend.

Each night, you will be roleplaying with your girlfriend as if she were a stranger, having sex with her and trying out new things to make things more exciting. You will be able to change her hair color and clothing, with players able to dress her up in different cosplay, such as a school uniform, nun dress, cat girl outfit, and more. The game features 11 different H-scenes, with each one having anywhere from 8 to 22 animations. More cosplay outfits and H-positions can be unlocked with in-game credits, which can be earned by completing challenges. In these challenges, you will need to shoot yellow coins and diamonds to earn points, with red coins subtracting from your score if shot.

[Key Features]

- 1280p 60fps smooth animation gameplay!

- real-time appearance changes! cosplay time! dress up your girlfriend as you desire!

[Gameplay Content]

- 11 H-scenes with each having 8-22 different animations...

- there's no endgame, just enjoy your sexy time with your girlfriend every night

- with the roleplay situation, she will treat you like a complete stranger. there's a good chance it's going to be a new experience for the both of you!

- it's a casual game, there's no need for the extra effort to unlock the locked features...

- unlock the locked features with credits you've earned, and clear the challenges to unlock new cosplay clothes also H position!

You can purchase Cosplay Fever!! on Steam for $9.99.

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