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Male Doll is Developing the Boys Love Visual Novel My Incubi Harem

Demons choose a human to be the next king of incubi in the first chapter of My Incubi Harem, a bara visual novel currently being developed by Male Doll.

My Incubi Harem is an upcoming visual novel series being developed by Male Doll, the creator behind Burning Horns: a Bara Isekai JRPG and Bara Giants. In this game, humans are able to use sensorial power — or "S-power" — to use magic. This power can build up through intense and passionate moments. On a certain day of the year known as Incubus Day, incubi open a portal to earth to choose the most attractive man with the most S-power to be the next incubi king. Ciras, the apprentice to the botanist, Master Izidore, finds out that his master is trying to cheat the selection process. The incubi found out about the interference and left the underworld early in an effort to track down the cheater, leading to a dilemma: will Ciras tell the incubi the truth or protect his master?

This first part of the story in My Incubi Harem serves as an introduction to its world and demons. You will have five men who will fawn over you: Master Izidore, your lewd mentor; Balgraan, the insatiable singer; Sorgoth, the cold-hearted nobleman; Arnath, the queer dominant activist; and Vorzak, the sensible daddy. There is also a short minigame where you need to fill a gauge by tapping the spacebar when a bubble is inside the circle; as you fill the gauge, this bubble will move faster. My Incubi Harem will feature in-game choices that can lead you to different endings and erotic CGs, which can be viewed again through the gallery.

- Choice System;

- Unique endings;

- Unique CGs;

- Game Gallery;

- Free demo with more than 10k words;

You can play My Incubi Harem for free over on

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