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Adventure RPG Into the Nightmare Now Available on Steam, GOG, and Kagura Games

Into the Nightmare, Tsukinomizu Project's RPG about a trio of young girls facing off against an invasion of monsters has been released on Steam, GOG, and Kagura Games.

Into the Nightmare introduces players to Yatsuha and Shigure, a lesbian couple living peaceful days in the town of Mangetsu. As they visit the park one day, they’re suddenly attacked as monsters appear before them.

Fortunately, the pair wasn’t just an average duo of civilians: Mangetsu is a hotbed for paranormal events and Yatsuha’s clan has been cultivating their martial arts for the explicit purpose of protecting their town from otherworldly threats. Seeing the monsters appear is a call to action for the red-haired girl, who decides to follow their ancestor’s mission. Her partner, Shigure, is similarly well-trained, as her family runs one of the local gyms. The two of them team up with, Koika, the town’s shrine maiden, and ally themselves with the Yamanashi Energy Labs to work on a method of driving back the invading force.

Into the Nightmare is a traditional adventure RPG, in which players control the girls in their efforts to drive back the invasion. The game features exploration, quests, and turn-based combat. Unlike most RPGs, the girl’s skills and elemental affinities are dictated by their equipment, as each heroine has access to unique magic stones harboring different sets of powers.

Yatsuha and her lover Shigure live in what was once a peaceful town. One day, they discover someone being attacked by a mysterious tentacle monster at the park. Watching the monster with its icky tentacles wrapped around a woman, Yatsuha and Shigure must fight to defend their town from the monsters overflowing from another world.

Contemporary Fantasy

Explore a modern Japanese city and the twisted Dream Worlds that lurk on the boundaries of our reality.

Customize Your Characters

Swap your party members' Guardian Stones to change up your abilities.

Blast 'Em

Familiarize yourself with the interactions of a dozen elemental affinities to strike at your opponent's weakness or bolster your own defenses.

Into the Nightmare is now available on Steam, GOG, and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $13.49 until December 14th, at which point it will cost $14.99. Adult content for the Steam and GOG versions has to be installed separately using a free patch found on the publisher's website.

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