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A prologue chapter for Winged Cloud's upcoming visual novel, Sakura Gym Girls, has been released on Steam for free.

Sakura Gym Girls: Prologue is a short prequel to Winged Cloud’s upcoming game, Sakura Gym Girls. Players take control of Kitagawa Shouhei, a university student who is living in Tokyo with his cheerful girlfriend, Ranko. The two are in the early stage of their relationship and are head over heels in love with each other. The story begins with Shouhei dreaming of Ranko, seducing him in a bodycon dress, only for Shouhei to be suddenly woken up by the real Ranko; he overslept and is late for his first class. Instead of rushing out the door to make it to class, the two instead have sex in the bath tub, leading Ranko to realize just how much weight she's gained. Unwilling to limit her food intake, since she loves Shouhei’s cooking so much, Ranko suggests that they start going to a gym. Supportive of his girlfriend, Shouhei agrees and the two of them join a local gym.

The prologue only goes into Shouhei’s relationship with Ranko since the two are just dating at this time. In the upcoming full release of Sakura Gym Girls, more time has passed since then, Shouhei has a job, and the couple has since broken up. Along with Ranko, there are two other women that he can have a relationship with.

Ranko is Shouhei’s girlfriend. She’s incredibly self-confident, and she was actually the one who proposed to Shouhei first.

Ranko is as affectionate as a puppy, and she’s always giving Shouhei hugs and kisses, even in public, to Shouhei’s embarrassment.

Having a girlfriend as devoted as Ranko is a bit of a handful, but Shouhei loves her a lot, and he’s certain they’ll always stay together. Why wouldn’t they, when they get along so well together?

You can play Sakura Gym Girls: Prologue on Steam for free. Don’t forget to download the 18+ patch from Winged Cloud’s Patreon. The full game, Sakura Gym Girls, is set to release on December 21st.

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