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Detective Masochist 3 -The Case of the Naked Truth-, the third entry in Ume Soft’s series of visual novels, is now available on MangaGamer and

Detective Masochist 3 -The Case of the Naked Truth- is the third installment of the visual novel series, reconnecting players with the nameless — and sometimes spineless — detective, as well as his female assistant, as the two search for clues regarding a multitude of strange cases.

The series' protagonist had always wanted to be a hard-boiled detective — only he doesn't quite have the personality for it, being an incapable masochist. The director of the detective agency he works at left a while ago, leaving him and his childhood friend, Komatsu Satomi, to safeguard the establishment.

The two of them eventually got involved in a case regarding mysterious rings, one of which turned Satomi into a complete sadist: whenever she gets excited, she feels an insatiable urge to torment Satomi, while her clit grows into the shape of a penis. Though the "problem" might seem fun at times, the two of them keep looking for new clues, hoping to one day solve the mystery of the rings.

In Detective Masochist 3 -The Case of the Naked Truth-, the pair also accept a case from Noto Kiriko, a renowned erotic novelist known for the hardcore content of her novels, who’s secretly inexperienced with men. Aside from Kiriko’s case, a young girl named Kaga also appears at the agency, declaring herself as the new Deputy Director. Supposedly, she met the actual director abroad, who appointed her as his successor for the time being.

Satomi Komatsu

A tall and beautiful college student, skilled in both the realms of the mental and the physical. Partner to our hero, she takes care of him the best she can, even though she’s shocked by just how lame he can be sometimes.

After getting involved in a mysterious case, she was stricken by a peculiar condition. When she gets excited, her sadistic nature balloons, and her clitoris grows into the size and shape of a dick.

Once just his assistant and childhood friend, she now seems to be growing closer with our hero...?

Kiriko Noto

A young erotic novelist, working under the pen name "Awabi Okunoto." Her work is known for its hardcore content in which men take what they want and ravish women.

In contrast to her work, she’s a quiet and pleasant woman. It turns out that she has no actual experience with men and has been crafting her works entirely from her imagination.

After meeting our hero, will she find a new direction in that regard...?

Regina Kaga

A mysterious girl who suddenly appears at Komatsu Detective Agency and declares herself Deputy Director. She claims that she met the actual Director, who is currently away on business, in a foreign country, and he entrusted her the role of Deputy Director in his stead.

She’s free-spirited and marches to the beat of her own drum, becoming a bit of a nuisance for Satomi and our hero. However, the detective skills she learned from the Director are second to none.

She gradually works her way into our hero’s daily life, but all the while she has a dark secret of her own...!

Detective Masochist 3 -The Case of the Naked Truth- is now available on MangaGamer and for $14.95.

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