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A demo for Pregnant Ogre, POISON's visual novel about impregnating a demon girl by summoning other demons to breed with her, is available to download on Steam.

Pregnant Ogre is a visual novel set within a small mountain village known as Akitsu village. One day, Kensho, the priest of a small shrine, is called upon by the village elder because he needed his help. Villagers found a female demon caught in a boar trap and imprisoned her, but they don’t know what to do with her. The village elder suggests that they keep her in the underground dungeon for sinners, but he soon pulls Kensho aside to tell him his true intentions: knowing that Kensho’s grandfather has done research on impregnating demons, he wants Kensho to perform the demon impregnation ritual. Demon children can act as a boon for immortality and rejuvenation. Kensho is reluctant to help at first, but the village elder reminds him of how much he has supported him ever since his grandfather died.

Kensho searches through his grandfather’s research and finds out that the only way to increase a demon’s fertility is by having her drink a hypnosis drug and summoning creatures from other worlds to have their way with her. While bringing the demon girl her meals, he learns her name is Izumi and that she lost her mother at a young age due to illness. To Kensho’s surprise, she acts more like an ordinary girl than a ruthless demon. He begins to have second thoughts about performing the ritual and even tries telling the village elder that she isn’t a threat, but he doesn’t care. In order to convince Kensho to follow through with it, the village elder promises to renovate the shrine if he goes through with performing the ritual.

Pregnant Ogre is planned to release later this month on December 22nd. You can download the demo now on Steam.

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