Fapping is more than just a game

WASABI Entertainment has published ひまわりドリル’s PIMP Island on Steam.

PIMP Island is a pimping RPG in which your goal is to befriend girls. One day, you are invited to PIMP Island, a place full of tropical beaches and hot naked girls, so you hop on a boat and go on a paid vacation for a week. It’s time for all your fantasies to come true, but it won’t be that easy. The girls will react differently depending on your popularity with them. If they like you, they will be friendly and enjoy being near you, but if they don’t like you they will be unfriendly and run away from you. Even if your popularity with a girl is low, you can still chase after her, but she won’t like it. Win over every girl on the island within a week and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

There are thirty-one girls on the island, including the tour guide. Talk to them, complete quests, and give them gifts to increase your popularity. Once it is high enough, you will be able to date them. Each girl is interested in different things. Figure what makes the girl tick and you’ll eventually get intimate and learn a thing or two about each other. Along with wooing girls, there are also minigames and other activities to do on the island.

*The ultimate PIMP simulator (and more...)

If your popularity is high enough, the girls will come to you.

Increase your popularity and you'll be surrounded by beautiful girls!

But if your popularity is low, they'll run away from you.

You can still catch them, but they won't like it...

(This game is a PIMP simulator, but there are lots of different ways to have fun, if you know what I mean...)

You can buy PIMP Island on Steam for $14.99. Don’t forget to download the 18+ patch from WASABI Entertainment’s site.

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