Lick twice for service

Maid for Loving You, iMel and AZARASHI SOFTWARE’s visual novel about an ordinary man who starts living together with the woman he saved, has released on Steam.

In Maid for Loving You, you play as Yuuma Kitami, a wage slave who used to have ambitions of making it big and raising a family, but the daily grind of work eventually extinguished these desires. The constant barrage of overtime has made it impossible to have a social life, let alone a girlfriend.

During the mid-winter season, while he was catching the last train home from work, Yuuma found an unconscious woman by his front door, almost freezing to death. He quickly brought her into his home, doing anything and everything to warm her up. When she awakens, she introduces herself as Eve and wants to thank Yuuma for saving her life. She offers to be his maid in return, and even though Yuuma was reluctant at first, he eventually gives in and lets her stay with him.

Eve is a gentle woman with a few quirks, yet Yuuma can’t help but feel entranced by her. The pair will learn more about each other in this sweet, romantic tale. The game features a full Japanese voice cast, as well as art by yaman**.


Yuuma Kitami

Your average office worker, stuck in an endless, unfulfilling loop. Once, he had dreams of making it big and settling down with a family of his own, but life has not been kind to him. He has just about given up on thoughts of a better future, when he finds Eve outside his house.


A mysterious woman who Yuuma finds unconscious in front of his house. Though seemingly foreign by appearance, she has a natural grasp of the Japanese language. Rarely seen out of her maid uniform, she takes care of the house while Yuuma is at work, and ensures he always comes home to a friendly smile and warm meal.


Yet another mysterious woman who, despite appearances, is actually older than both Yuuma and Eve. She seems connected to Eve in some way, but their exact relation is unclear.

You can purchase Maid for Loving You for sale on Steam for $15.99. After December 2nd, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $19.99. Don’t forget to download the game's free uncensored patch from Love Lab’s website.

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