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Strengthen your kunoichi through ritual sex to save the world in Alicesoft's Beat Blades Haruka, now available on JAST USA, FAKKU, GOG and Kagura Games.

Beat Blades Haruka is a management sim RPG with a ninja theme. Developed by Alicesoft in 2008, the game follows Ikusabe Takamaru, a seemingly mundane man attending the Jippou Academy. He lives a relatively quiet life studying and trying to find a girlfriend, despite his landlord’s daughter Narika disrupting all of his attempts. Everything eventually changes, when a group of ninjas attacks him and Narika on their way home.

This could have well been the end of them, were it not for the sudden appearance of Haruka, a ninja who jumps in to save him, but demands sex in return. As she explains, Takamru is the next heir of the heroic ninja clan of Crescent Moons. His bloodline possesses a unique ability, allowing him to bestow powers to other ninjas trained in the clan arts through ritualistic sex.

With this power also comes a great responsibility: the Crescent Moons have a duty to stop the Noroi ninja faction from empowering their god, who would bring endless fear upon the world. To save everyone, Takamaru will have to train the last remaining kunoichi until they can stop their fated enemy.

Beat Blades Haruka follows in the footsteps of another Alicesoft title, Beat Angel Escalayer. Though disconnected in terms of story and setting, the two games share similar gameplay principles. Players are tasked with managing their heroine’s daily schedule, choosing when and how to train their skills, and even when to rest.

Following sexual training, the team can then attack fortresses controlled by the Noroi faction. In these segments, players get to pick one of three routes through each floor of the dungeon, seeing ahead of time what types of challenges will await them. The goal of the game is to conquer every fortress by defeating its boss, with the success of these attempts depending on the player’s training strategy. The game features three heroines available for training, as well as more than ten endings to experience.

The English version of Beat Blades Haruka was originally released on MangaGamer, but is now also available on JAST USA, FAKKU, GOG, and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $27.96, where it will later cost $34.95.

MangaGamer also sells a hardcopy CD edition of the game for $39.95.

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