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Sword&Magic, FTA GAME's idle RPG about helping petrified heroines to banish monsters from medieval fantasy land, is now available on Steam.

Sword&Magic is a simplistic, medieval fantasy game featuring idle gameplay mechanics. Players take the role of a man helping out a group of petrified heroines, whose task is to save them and manage their efforts as they fight against waves of monsters.

During each level of the game, creatures spawn and roam around the play area. The player can unlock new heroines on the borders of the screen to have them attack the enemies. Targets can be either selected manually or left for the AI to pick through the game's auto-attack option. Defeated enemies reward the player with gold, which can be used to either purchase upgrades to the individual heroines or unlock new functions and skills.

The game contains a large collection of achievements serving as tasks for the player, in order to guide their progression along. Beating stages, unlocking heroines, and leveling them up unlocks new erotic scenes animated using Live2D. There are 9 fully-voiced heroines in the game, with each one featuring its own short storyline.

Welcome to the magical continent of the Middle Ages full of magic and monsters! Everything you want will happen here! Just help the magicians touch the petrified seal and they will help you fight monsters!

Game Introduction

A lightweight casual hang-up game that can be operated by the mouse. Complete tasks through multiple levels in the game, get gems and bonuses, unlock a variety of different skills, unlock different characters, and have close contact with them. Passionate night, to experience the sword Have fun with unparalleled joy in the wizarding world.

light casual game

A light-hanging tower-climbing game that can be operated with a mouse, rich and exquisite character settings, and a variety of enemies. We also provide the "Auto Click" function for players who don't like clicking games very much, just check it in the panel.

colorful story

Every beautiful girl will have her own exclusive plot, some warm, some touching, some tragic, everything is up to you. Don't worry about missing any plot direction, because after clearing the first game, the free mode will be opened, and you can change different options in the middle according to the story chapters as you like.

Game Features

• Each beautiful girl has a full Japanese voiceover.

• 9 characters dynamic CG

• Unlimited level challenge

• One-handed mode

• 6 different gems

Sword&Magic is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $1.79 until December 1st, at which point it will cost $1.99.

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