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The sex-fueled heroine struggles in her quest to defend the planet in Alicesoft’s management RPG Beat Angel Escalayer R, now available on JAST USA, GOG and Kagura Games.

Beat Angel Escalayer R follows Kyouhei Yanase and his childhood friend Sayuka in their efforts to save the world. The two of them grew up together, but after Sayuka moved away, they grew more and more distant. When Kyouhei happens to see her again at school years later, he’s overjoyed at first, but she ignores him. That is, until he finds out that she’s now a superhero fighting to save Earth from the invasion of an intergalactic empire!

With Kyouhei already aware of her secret, she no longer has anything to hide and asks him for help instead. Her magic powers are fueled by lust, and she needs someone to help her attain enough energy to protect humanity. Given the chance to make love with his childhood crush and save Earth all at once, Kyouhei naturally obliges.

The game follows a turn system representing the passage of time for each day. As Kyouhei, players advise Sayuka on how to manage her schedule. The key to victory is striking a good balance between sexual training, resting, and seeking battles. Combat is turn-based, with Sayuka fighting on her own. However, players get to choose the moment and order in which she uses her special skills. If the heroine is ever defeated in battle, the game ends.

The game originally released in 2002, but was later remade in 2014 as Beat Angel Escalayer R. The new version features more content, remade artworks, minor system changes and the addition of an ‘easy mode’ item, though its use locks players from accessing certain content. The English version of the game was originally released on MangaGamer. Now, the game is also available on JAST USA, GOG, and Kagura Games, providing fans with different options for purchase.

Beat Angel Escalayer R is now available on not just MangaGamer, but also JAST USA, GOG, and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $35.96, where it will later cost $44.95. MangaGamer also sells a USB hardcopy release of the game for $44.95.

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