Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Lewd Life with my Doggy Wife, Norn's visual novel about the stress-free life between the protagonist and a dog-eared girl, is now available DRM-free on FAKKU.

Lewd Life with my Doggy Wife is a nukige fantasy visual novel by Norn, following the life of an office worker who was reincarnated into a fantasy realm. Rather than being reincarnated into the hero of this land, the protagonist was merely a supporting character in the hero’s party, constantly being overworked from fixing everyone’s gear and fighting for his life in battles. Eventually, he gets kicked out of the group and collapses on the side of a road while wandering aimlessly.

Unfortunate as the event was, it was also the moment his life turns around for the better. He ends up being saved by a demi-human dog girl, who dragged him all the way back to her home. Once he reawakens, the girl demands that he addresses her as her "big sis", treating him with no less dedication than she would a husband.

This English release features the original artwork in its original 4:3 and upscaled 16:9 variants, full Japanese voicing for the heroine, animated sprites, 14 erotic scenes, as well as gallery and scene selection modes.

After getting worked to death at your office job, getting reincarnated into a fantasy world should be a dream come true, right? Well, it wasn't all sunshine and roses this time around either… Getting dragged around by the so-called Hero, fixing their gear, and getting into fights day after day isn’t any better than the days getting worked to the bone at your old office job!

Wandering alone, after getting kicked out of the hero's party, you're on the brink of death as you collapse at the foot of a mysterious figure calling out for your big sis, the only girl who ever supported you... Suddenly, you wake up in a comfy bed next to a beautiful girl with deep blue eyes, luxurious soft hair, an incredible figure, and fluffy ears and a tail!? That's right, a delicious looking demi-human doggirl has taken you in and insists that you call HER 'big sis' and that you deserve to relax and be spoiled. So let her cuddle, suck, and fuck your troubles away~

Big sis knows best after all

Lewd Life with my Doggy Wife is now available on FAKKU where it’s available for the promotional price of $7.99 until November 29th, at which point it will cost $9.99. The game's previous release on Steam remains available for the same price.

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