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Wheel of Naughtiness, FTA GAMES' visual novel with animated interactions, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Wheel of Naughtiness is an erotic, romance visual novel developed by FTA GAMES, the developer behind the erotic fantasy clicker game, Sword&Magic. The story takes place in an urban setting with extraordinary girls, in which a president will meet six girls throughout different scenarios. For instance, one story involves a relaxing time doing calligraphy together, while another features a romantic night in town during Christmas Eve. Enjoy your time together with the girl of the story; when the the time is right, you can satisfy her.

Players will have to please the girls by using the titular wheel of naughtiness: spin the wheel and the interaction you land on can then be used on the girl. Some of the items available to use include a whip, mouth, hand, and vibrator. You can choose which area of her body to interact with, and during this interaction, you will also be able to choose just how much of her clothing is removed. Players can choose whether to keep her fully clothed, half-naked, or fully nude. If players can manage to fully satisfy a girl, a cutscene will be triggered. Any scenes and interactions that are unlocked in the game can be rewatched through the in-game gallery.

The erotic story of the president and 6 girls, the urban love is now presenting!

Encounter with 6 girls, decide the happy time with them through the wheel of naughtiness

Satisfying the girls will trigger cutscenes~

You can also unlock the gallery and review the good times with the girls~

Game Features

Unique Visual Novel

Random wheel spinning

Nudity and partial nudity

6 girls with different Dragonbones interactive animations

You can buy Wheel of Naughtiness on sale from Steam for $1.79. After November 27th, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $1.99.

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