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MangaGamer has released USB hardcopy editions of Alicesoft’s two classic titles: Beat Angel Escalayer R and Evenicle.

MangaGamer has released hardcopy editions of two of Alicesoft’s classic titles: Beat Angel Escalayer R and Evenicle. The release follows a lengthy pre-order period. In the spirits of modernity, the two editions come with game files on custom USB sticks rather than CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Each stick also contains their respective game’s OST. Both editions come bundled with a digital download card, effectively granting buyers two copies of the game.

Beat Angel Escalayer R is reboot of Alicesoft’s classic trainer game. Playing as a young student named Kyouhei Yanase, players discover that the protagonist’s childhood friend Sayuka is a magical girl fighting to protect humanity. However, her magic is powered by arousal. Now that someone she knows and cares about discovered her secret, she has nothing to hide and instead makes a request: help her improve her powers, by becoming her partner!

Between the visual novel story segments, players have to manage Sayuka’s schedule by deciding when she should hunt for aliens, train, or take a break. Proper planning is the key to success throughout the game, as battles are automatic and fully reliant on Sayuka’s stats at the given moment. The game features most content from the original 2002 release, but updated and expanded for more audiences with new scenarios and images, as well as recreated artworks.

The hardcopy release of Beat Angel Escalayer R is now available on MangaGamer for $44.95. The game's digital version is available for the same price.

Evenicle is an open world RPG taking place is in a highly magical fantasy world being managed by the goddess Eve. Her sacred laws dictate people’s lives. The most important ones are that no human can kill another, and each person can only marry once. Break one of these laws, and you become cursed, no land will bear fruit from your labor, forcing you to live by stealing and robbing.

The game’s protagonist Asterisk wants to marry both of his sisters, as settling for just one would be unfair to the other. Fueled by his incestuous desires, he becomes a knight. Members of this knights' order are given permission by the goddess to break her rules — mainly to marry much more often. It’s not as simple as enlisting, though, with Asterisk having to prove his skills and dedication as a knight and climb the ranks before he can have his much desired threesome.

Players can explore the game’s world from a top-down perspective, following objectives of various quests and teaming up with other knights to defeat increasingly stronger monsters as they uncover a sinister plot that threatens all. Combat is turn-based, playing out from first person, with players being able to have up to five members in their party at a time. Female monsters can be captured during battle and then equipped as accessories to strengthen characters.

The Evenicle USB hardcopy is now available for MangaGamer for $44.95. The digital edition of the game can also be purchased from MangaGamer (currently on sale for $35.96), as well as Steam (currently on sale for $35.99) and GOG for $44.99.

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