If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Guide heroines in their battles against hordes of monsters in Fantasize Games’ Sexy Mystic Survivors, published in Steam Early Access by Mango Party.

In Sexy Mystic Survivors, the fantasy lands have been kept safe from monsters by powerful heroines; however, the constant attacks are becoming overwhelming, leaving them unable to keep everyone safe. As such, they approach the player, asking them to effectively become their equivalent of a strategist or commander, guiding them in their battles against the evil hordes. In exchange for helping the heroines succeed and keeping them alive, they will be willing to reward you in any way you wish.

Sexy Mystic Survivors is an adult version of Fantasize Games’ Beautiful Mystic Survivors, itself a "Survivor"-esque game that follows design principles which are now staples of the game style. With incredible amounts of enemies spawning constantly, players will have to carefully position themselves to manage culling the horde. As you kill enemies, they’ll drop crystals that will allow you to level up further, unlocking more skills and weapons for the reminder of the level. Attacks fire automatically whenever they are off cooldown; as long you avoid damage and make your choices wisely, you’ll come out on top.

Based on your performance, you can unlock animated CGs of the heroines rewarding the protagonist. There's also no need to fret in the event of failure: gold earned during levels allows you to increase your stats for the next run, making each subsequent attempts easier than the previous.

The realm is under attack, and its staunchest defenders are the beautiful women who now stand between hordes of monsters and the kingdom they love. Yet with ever-mounting numbers against them, they need a little help. That’s where you come in!

Your strategic know-how puts you in command of how these heroines will fight. Keep them alive during the battle, and they’ll show their appreciation by fulfilling your hottest desires. With a variety of heroines and breath-taking animated sex scenes, you’re sure to find what you want!

Enter the fray with one of the many unlockable characters, and mow down the enemies around you to survive until time runs out. With fast-paced projectile attacks, it’s like a bullet hell—but where you are the attacker! Make use of each character’s unique ability, choose between different weapons and relics, and fight to survive wave after wave of enemies across multiple procedurally-generated exciting maps.

Polished 3D graphics, beautiful VFX, and smooth performance even with thousands of monsters on screen are what you can expect to find in this game.

Permanent upgrades can be unlocked as you play, allowing you to improve your skills and master the art of survival.

Sexy Mystic Survivors is now available in Steam Early Access for the promotional price of $8.99 until November 25th, at which point the title will cost $9.99.

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