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MangaGamer has announced two visual novel titles at this year's Anime NYC.

On November 19th, MangaGamer held a panel at Anime NYC where they announced they had acquired licenses for two new titles. Up first was Guilty’s Nightmare x Onmyouji - Paradox of Forbiddance. This is the second installment of the recently released Nightmare x Sisters - Sacrifice of Lust-Hell. The heroine of this game is Kuon Katsuragi, a seemingly ordinary high school student. However, after school, she works with her father Kimihiro as an “onmyoji,” a magician who uses ancient spells to cast out spirits who possess people.

When young girls in Kuon’s hometown mysteriously start disappearing, she and her father team up with the characters from the previous game: Setsuna Shindo, Yuka Shindo, and Toma Kitagawa to solve the case. The four of them try to gather intel while purging spirits, but Kimihiro goes off to follow a lead from a useful contact. Unfortunately, both parties got ambushed by the kidnappers, Yuka and Setuna got abducted, and Kimishiro has gone MIA. Kuon later learns that the organization behind all of this is able to control spirits and decides to face them to save those she cares for. What awaits her in this battle of life and death?

The second announcement is a title by minori, the developer of Trinoline. Eve of the 12th Month is a linear visual novel set around Christmas time. Winter is a time where people often let their feelings overflow. With the new scenery developed near the urban center, Megumi City, people have only gotten more in the sentimental mood. On Christmas Eve, an unremarkable young man meets a mysterious girl while running an errand. Even though he has no memory of this girl, something about her is strangely familiar. This is how their story begins. One wants to protect the fun times they shared, another has something to gain, and the last has a goal to achieve. Together, their desires are woven into one tale.

You can check out all of MangaGamer’s licensing announcements on their website.

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