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The Impregnation of the Elves: Conquest of the Arrogant Fairies, Impregnation's RPG about an orc who takes revenge on the elves, is now available on Steam.

The Impregnation of the Elves: Conquest of the Arrogant Fairies is a short RPG that puts a twist on the classic dynamic between orcs and elves. In this world, the elves have dominated their brutish rivals, imprisoning orcs to be nothing more than breeding bulls; the protagonist is one such enslaved orc. A goddess notices his plight and grants him divine aid, helping him to break himself free of his chains. Naked and enraged, he then begins his revenge against the elves.

The game consists of 6 duels against the game's elven heroines. Most of the game is spent in the turn-based section, where players have to carefully choose their next actions, using skills to target various body parts of the heroine. When the elf heroine fights back, players can defend themselves through QTE interactions. Dealing damage slowly tears the opponent's clothes and decreases their health, bringing the orc closer to victory. The heroines aren’t as modest, though, and will even resort to even raping the orc mid-battle if it helps them get the upper hand.

The game features a linear fantasy storyline, with 15 erotic CGs to unlock across 6 battles against elf heroines.

Game Introduction

As an Orc, you're imprisoned by a group of arrogant Elves as a semen cow with no rights. However, you received the Goddess' enlightenment, got out of the predicament and began your revenge on these Elves.

This is a simple 2D fighting game, by making good use of the different skills, you can break the arrogant Elves' armours and then punish them with the holy rod!"

Game Features

• 15 Basic CGs

• 6 arrogant Elves to challenge

• Simple, easy-to-understand, stress-free storyline

• Plentiful and exciting fighting styles

• Breaking their armour will change things up"

The Impregnation of the Elves: Conquest of the Arrogant Fairies by Impregnation is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $9.89 until November 22nd, at which point it will cost $10.99.

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