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Burning Soul, Team Oricrow's fantasy-themed hack-and-slash RPG with minigames, is currently in development and playable on Itch.io.

Burning Soul takes place in the world of Haumea, a beautiful planet with a wild side. Even with its lush greenery, refreshing waterfalls, and golden deserts, it's home to violent life forms and deadly traps left behind by their planet’s ancestors. Haumea also has treasures and secrets that other planets have tried invading it for. Three years ago, a natural disaster known as the Distortion occurred. This phenomenon is altering Haumea by transferring objects, plants, and animals from this planet to other planets. The game's hero, Axy, is a small alien who was transported to this planet through the Distortion and lost his memories. He will team up with a Beorof girl, named Ajoora, with the two eventually forging a special bond together. On his journey, he will discover more about his past and the intentions of the Apocalypse Keepers.

Team Oricrow plans to give players a variety of ways to combat enemies, including ranged and melee weapons. As Axy continues on his adventure, more girls will join his team, the likes of which can be used to execute attack combos in combat. Burning Soul's different minigames will be centered around improving the relationship between Axy and Ajoora.

The current build of the game only features two minigames, with the first involving Axy pulling Ajoora out of a hole. Three numbers will appear at a time, with players having to click on the highest number to increase the strength of their pull. Sometimes, you will get negative numbers. Before time runs out, try to reach a total of thirty points and click the spacebar to start the next round. The second minigame involves Axy pleasuring Ajoora. Choose the right options and earn five hearts to turn Ajoora on; if you make her angry and get five broken hearts, you'll get a game over.

Other Special Features

- Elemental affinity with vantages and weakness

- Crafting system on armor and weapon

- Choose between 9 available girls (they can increse with special event)

- Stealth, some time...

- Ranged and Melee Combat

- Achievements

- Survival elements on specific area

- Farming system for unlock level cap of caracters

- Jump for reach some zone or for exspand options in figth

- Individual love affinity for increase the damage of each girl and the NSFW scenes

- Large variety of sexaul interections

- Talk with the girl on the map every time you wants for skit or area tips

- And much more!

You download the current build of Burning Soul on Itch.io. If you're interested in the game, consider checking out Team Oricrow on Patreon.

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