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Lovelorn sanatorium Ⅰ, TUTGame’s visual novel about a young man who hires specialists to enact revenge against his cheating girlfriend, has been released on Steam.

Lovelorn sanatorium Ⅰ is an NTR dramedy about the victim trying to get revenge on his girlfriend. At the start of the story, Ge is deeply in love with his girlfriend, Chun. The pair live together, spending a lot of romantic time together regularly. One night, Chun falls asleep with her cell phone in hand. Not wanting the expensive phone to break, Ge takes it out of her hand, only to find that she’s been flirting with an attractive fitness trainer.

Heartbroken, the young man makes his way to the Lovelorn sanatorium, where he meets Zhang Ji and his rabbit partner, Weenie. The two offer to solve the problem through supernatural means, keeping the exact details of the plan to themselves. Either way, to get justice for Ge, they will have to spy on his girlfriend and her new partner, uncovering the mystery of their relationship.

Lovelorn sanatorium Ⅰ attempts to deliver its comic book-esque story in a more engaging manner through the inclusion of interactive controls. Players have to perform motions in line with the page context to move the story along, in a manner similar to a point-and-click adventure game. Such actions can involve dragging a bike along the road or scrolling through messages when Ge looks at Chun’s phone.

Game introduction

This is a role-playing game with dynamic comic narration. It enhances the sense of substitution through simple operations and brings you a more intuitive and relaxed story experience.The story takes place in the "Mr.Wang" universe. Players need to play the role of Zhang Ji in the rescue center of the sufferers to rescue the sufferers who are in emotional pain.

The bitter master originally had a lovely girlfriend, but as he accidentally opened his girlfriend's mobile phone, his emotional life also ushered in earth-shaking changes.

What secrets does girlfriend hide? Who is the mysterious fitness trainer? And how should the charactor deal with this feeling? You will follow the perspective of the charactor and reveal the truth step by step.

In this process, you will search for clues in the chat records, investigate and search for evidence on the spot, and finally use your special abilities to solve the problems, and all of this is just the beginning of a huge conspiracy...

Game Features

"Lovelorn sanatoriumⅠ" is a story in the "Mr.Wang" universe and the first work in the "Lovelorn sanatorium" series. While bringing players a lightweight gaming experience, it also inherits Mr.Wang's unique worldview.-Light game experience, players will need to complete the mini-game to promote the development of the plot. The process of the game is not long, and players will see a boy entering the self-salvation process of the suffering rescue center in a mocking atmosphere.

Lovelorn sanatorium Ⅰ is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $7.19 until November 18th, at which point it will cost $7.99. The game's adult content has to be installed separately as a free DLC.

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