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Secret Relationship with Subordinate’s Cocky Gal Wife Now Available on DLsite and

Exploit your employee’s wife inSecret Relationship with Subordinate’s Cocky Gal Wife, Hoi Hoi Hoi’s adventure game now available on DLsite and

Secret Relationship with Subordinate’s Cocky Gal Wife begins on an unfortunate evening when Meiko, a beautiful, brash girl, comes across a tent in the local park. She simply needed to cross the park, but upon realizing someone lived there, she decides to turn back. Instead of simply leaving quietly, though, she takes the time to insult the middle-aged man living there, accusing him of being homeless and exploiting society. The stranger explains that he’s a department chief of a successful company, but seeing that he's dwelling in a tent inside a public park, Meiko doesn’t believe his claims.

To her dismay, she’s proven wrong a few days later, when her husband invites his boss to have dinner with them, who turns out to be the very same man that Meiko insulted. The department chief had no idea that Meiko’s husband was one of his employees, leaving him about as shocked as her. Afraid of the consequences of her rude behavior, Meiko visits the park again the next evening, asking for forgiveness to make sure that her husband isn’t punished in her stead.

The department chief is initially glad to see her arrive on her own, but while he expects a verbal apology, Meiko instead gets on her knees and starts giving him a blowjob. While the department chief hadn’t planned anything of the sort, seeing her naivety and eagerness, he decides to exploit the young woman for his own benefit. He orders her to come back every weekend, threatening to punish her husband if she doesn’t.

Players take control of the department chief after this encounter, given a limited amount of time each day to look for clues on how to exploit Meiko. Inspiration can be found by talking to NPCs and exploring various locations in the game. Gathered clues will unlock access to labyrinth stages available at the park’s tent. Beating these mazes gives the protagonist new strategies on how to further exploit Meiko, unlocking new erotic scenes that play out on the following weekend. In total, there are 30 animated CGs to discover and four endings to experience.

Secret Relationship with Subordinate’s Cocky Gal Wife is now available on for $8.00 and on DLsite for $7.82 (estimated from ¥1,100). A demo of the game can be downloaded from DLsite.

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