If it's a hole, it's a goal.

The war between Heaven and Hell takes place via a game of chess in Evil Boobs Cult’s Sex Chess, available now on Steam.

Sex Chess is a chess game with online multiplayer and story mode. While Satan is the ruler of Hell, he still has to deal with those who interfere with his territory from time to time. Heaven has sent their holy forces to free the sinners from Satan’s underground dungeon. You will play as a BDSM practitioner, who happens to be the Devil’s important henchman, to defeat the leader of the Light Forces in a six round battle of chess. Use your cunning and wit to dominate your opponent and them from advancing.

Even if you are new to chess, you can manage to get by with a bit of magic. The Devil has granted you magical powers that can be used during the chess game. Use these to trick your opponent and give yourself an advantage in as you play, but keep in mind that the enemy has magic on their side as well. There are over sixty sex scenes with multiple variations involving the different living chess pieces. Play the game on your own with the story or hotseat mode, or go up against other players online. The game is still being updated with bugs being fixed and more scenes being added.


- More than 60 sex scenes;

- Hotseat mode;

- Story mode;

- Unique story;

- If you are new to chess, no problem! Use powerful magic to dominate your opponent!

- You don't need physical strength to win, but you'll need to be smart and calculating. Don't let the witty remarks of your opponent confuse you;

- Live chess pieces. The creatures of Light are as alluring as the hos sinners. Your chess matches will turn into phantasmagoric, mind-blowing art house parties;

- Magical abilities. The Devil wouldn't be called that if he didn't always have a trick up his sleeve. A bunch of new rules will give you an advantage over your opponent, but only before she notices he's being deceived;

- Online Multiplayer! Call your friends to enjoy some hardcore action on the chess board together!

You can purchase Sex Chess on sale from Steam for $5.59. After November 17th, the sale will come to an end and the price will return to its regular $7.99.

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