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Nayla's Castle, Quidev’s pixel art platformer about escaping from a demon’s castle, has been published by Shady Corner Games on FAKKU and Itch.io.

Nayla's Castle is a demon’s domain filled with monsters and traps, standing in the way of anyone who tries to get out. It's here where Nayla imprisons the game’s nameless heroine, turning her into a futanari and having her way with the girl’s new assets. While cruel, Nayla offers the heroine some form of hope: if she can make it to Nayla's chambers and defeat her, Nayla will let the heroine go free. Naturally, if the heroine fails on her way there, she’ll be permanently stuck in the castle as Nayla's personal plaything.

The game is a sidescroller that features platforming and combat challenges. The heroine is highly mobile, able to dash around and double jump in the air, while also being a skilled martial artist with the ability to charm her foes. These skills will help players traverse five stages set in unique worlds, such as the titular castle, as well as a desert and a lush forest. The heroine can grow male genitals at will, allowing her to take advantage of defeated enemies, and restoring her health in the process. There are 6 bosses to defeat, over 90 erotic pixel art animations to discover, and 26 CGs to unlock throughout the game.

Throughout the game you'll find many challenges like spikes, platforms and a lot of different enemies that would attack the protagonist on sight. These enemies are Nayla's servants who is a naughty demon that really like to play a game. It is possible to defeat many of the enemies by beating or charming them. Nayla's domain hides not only corridors but also vast deserts and sprawling forests located within its walls. Enjoy the adult content presented as pixel art animations, and some of them also features splash art that can be added to the gallery when discovered for the first time.

Nayla's Castle is now available on FAKKU for the promotional price of $8.99, where it will later cost 9.99, as well as on Itch.io for $10. A future Steam release of the game is scheduled for March 1st, 2023. Additionally, a demo of the game can be downloaded from the Itch.io page.

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