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Gore Screaming Show, Black Cyc's horror visual novel about uncovering the mysteries surrounding a girl and a hideous monster, is now available on JAST USA.

Gore Screaming Show is a horror mystery visual novel by Black Cyc, the same developer of the vampire visual novel, SaDistic BlooD. After his parents moved to America for work, Jinno Kyoji moved back to his hometown of Kurehito City to stay with his mother’s cousin, Saitama Yamiko. After being away for three years, he meets up with three girls he knew in the past: Kazuyagi Akane, a tomboy he grew up with; Namiki Aoi, Akane’s gloomy best friend; and Misono Kiika, a friendly classmate from his old school.

The town and the people have changed a little bit since he was last there, but despite that, Kyoji tries to live peacefully. Then, everything started to change after his encounter with a mysterious girl on his first day of school. She had violet hair, large eyes, and snow white skin, welcoming him back home and introducing herself as Yuka. Wherever Yuka went, a strange unexplainable figure would always be nearby; a terrifying man named Gore Screaming Show. The two of them would bring despair and madness wherever they go and tear down whatever peace Kyoji had found. Two questions remain: how are the pair tied to the mysteries of the town, and will Kyoji be able to escape with the girl he loves?

Gore Screaming Show is a horror visual novel by esteemed developer Black Cyc, the minds behind the infamous SaDistic BlooD. In this, one of their most famous works, a boy named Kyoji seeks to unravel the mysteries that have taken root in his hometown while he was away. Mysteries tied to a young girl named Yuka, and her companion, the horrific Gore Screaming Show. The game plays out in a visual novel style format, with fully-voiced characters and beautiful 2D artwork by Ueda Metawo.

You can purchase Gore Screaming Show on sale from JAST USA for $26.99. When the sale ends the price will increase back up to $29.99.

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