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Comedic Visual Novel My Giant Friend Released on Steam

A human girl wants to grow big to get her village to respect her in Hentai Room’s short visual novel My Giant Friend, available on Steam.

My Giant Friend was developed by Hentai Room, who also worked on Sexcraft - Sofiya and the Lewd Clan and Plunderers Adventures: Sea of Whores. The game follows Runi, a human girl who is often disrespected by people in her village. Tired of the poor treatment, she goes to Lady Blerog, a giantess and retired warrior, to help her. When she finds her, Runi notices she's struggling with her wilting vegetable garden and makes a deal with her. She will use her expertise as a florist to save her garden, if Lady Blerog gives her a vitamin that will turn her into a giant. After her transformation, Runi sees the world from a new perspective, and has amazing sexual experiences that she never would have dreamed of.

The game features one-to-two hours of content and four endings; two bad, one good, and one secret ending. To get the secret ending, you will need to get all three endings then try getting one of the bad endings again. There is also a gallery where you can view the CGs you have collected.

- Follow Runi's process of turning into a giant

- 4 Endings (2 Bad ones, 1 Good. Complete those 3 and unlock 1 Secret that will be available if you get another Bad for the second time)

- Comedy (everything is exaggerated... the girls are giants, right?!)

- Game Gallery

- Around 1~2 hours of gameplay

- Steam Achievements

You can purchase My Giant Friend on sale from Steam for $2.69. After November 17th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original price of $2.99.

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