Putting the D in the double D.

Furry Survivals 18+, Octo Games’ post-apocalyptic puzzle adventure game about a group of survivors trying to make the best of their situation, is now available on Steam.

Furry Survivals 18+ is a post-apocalyptic puzzle adventure game about a group of furry characters doing their best to live another day. With a shortage of resources and a constant threat of zombies, there was little hope left among survivors — until posters promoting a supposed utopia began appearing throughout the ruins. The rumored ark is a city located high in the mountains, surrounded by a massive wall to keep it safe from the infected. While these rumors can hardly be confirmed, no one has any better idea than to just go and check for themselves. The game’s protagonist — a wolfman named Alex — joins up with the first pair of survivors he meets, departing with them on their new quest.

The game is split between managing your camp and exploring new areas. There are ten locations in the game, though players don’t have to visit them all within a single playthrough. Each area holds unique story events and can be visited once, with the goal being to arrive at the ark. Both travel and camp operations require resources, which can be gathered by planning out sorties at the camp. Both scavenging and combat play out as a match-3 puzzle game, with tiles players match on the board determining which resources they find or what type of damage they deal to enemies. Aside from traveling, resources can be upgraded to bolster the camp, increasing future gains from sorties and lowering the chances of the camp being attacked.

Furry Survivals 18+ is a dating sim story-driven Visual Novel with elements of a match3 gameplay.

You, together with a team of characters, will plunge into an adventure full of various adventures in a post-apocalyptic world,

where the virus has wiped out most of the world's population and turned the rest into bloodthirsty zombies. You and your team will have to go through different locations for survival, as well as meet other survivors.

Choose your moves carefully, as they affect you and your opponent differently.


• Complex dating sim gameplay mixed with a story-driven Visual Novel.

• Life2D animated characters

• Beautiful background artwork

• Plenty of lewd scenes with various girls

• A Multitude of Sexy Situations

Furry Survivals 18+ is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $4.68 until November 16th, at which point it will cost $6.99.

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