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Shrine of Tails, SHEDUSoft’s point-and-click adventure game about a worn-out traveler and the shrine he discovers, is now available on Steam.

Shrine of Tails is a point-and-click adventure game set in a world far removed from what it used to be. The game’s protagonist is an inquisitive traveler on a mission, whose goals he's long since forgotten about. By investigating a set of lights on a distant mountain, he finds a massive shrine. Inside, he’s welcomed by a maiden who resembles a demon, thanks to her horns and tail. While the protagonist himself can't remember his goals beyond being on a mission of some sort, the mysterious woman seems to be more aware of his plans. If he’s to venture deeper into the shrine, though, he’ll have to prove himself to its five guardians.

The game is a mix of a visual novel and a point-and-click adventure. Players will have to explore the shrine, searching for unique objects spread throughout. These artifacts can then be used to challenge the guardians to a game of rock-paper-scissors. Defeating them leads to erotic scenes and unlocks further progression into the shrine. The heroines can be challenged out of the intended order, with a full cast of five characters, including two sisters guarding the shrine as a pair.

■ Gameplay ■

● Defeat the girls in an entertaining "Rock-Paper-Scissors" mini-game and get access to their nudity and sex scenes

● Find ancient artifacts hidden in the darkest corners of the Shrine

● Chat with girls and earn their favor in dialogues

■ Story ■

Uncover the secret of the mysterious Shrine by finding a use for the artifact you brought with. Cold corridors of dark fantasy are waiting for you, intertwined with the warm fountain of a romantic visual novel. The non-linear spirit of the story will allow you to feel it to the fullest.

■ Game features ■

● Gallery mode filled with dozens of illustrations

● 4 female characters

● Non-linear history

● Mini-games: "rock-paper-scissors" and hidden objects

Shrine of Tails is now available on Steam for $4.99.

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