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Nightmare x Sisters - Sacrifice of Lust-Hell, Guilty's dark fantasy visual novel about due of female exorcists, is now available for pre-order on MangaGamer.

Nightmare x Sisters - Sacrifice of Lust-Hell follows Setsuna and Yuka Shindo, a pair of sisters. The two lead normal lives during the day by attending school together; during the night, they perform dangerous work for the church by hunting demons as exorcists. Despite their young age, they’re highly regarded in the organization for their impeccable combat skills and great cooperation. Setsuna is clever and athletic, allowing her to punch down on the evil spirits, while her sister relies more on her faith and spiritual mediums.

With cases of possession on the rise, Setsuna has been troubled by an ominous feeling. Her worries end up manifesting in the worst way possible, as Yuka is kidnapped by a mysterious organization, leaving no trace of her whereabouts. With help from the head priest and the support of her childhood friend, Toma Kitagawa, Setsuna begins her rescue mission. Despite her kind nature, Yuka is strong-willed and can even be rather stubborn at times. This determination ends up becoming Setsuna’s only hope to find and free her sister.

Setsuna Shindo

A 2nd year high school student and a Sister in training. An average schoolgirl by day, but a Sister of the Church in her time away from classes. She’s full of cheerful energy, and tends to be the center of everyone’s attention. Athletic and a fast learner, she excels in sports and martial arts.

Having been instructed in the latter since childhood, she’s at the level of a master despite her young age. In exorcisms, her fighting skills are her main asset. She imbues the power of exorcism into her fists and feet, smashing away evil with powerful blows.

Her skills, in tandem with Yuka’s, have earned them a high reputation.

Yuka Shindo

A Sister of the Church and an older sibling to Setsuna. As befitting her soft appearance, her disposition is calm and caring. This is reflected in the motherly love she must have for Setsuna, with both their mother and father having passed away long ago.

She’s hardworking, both as an exorcist and in her church duties, and harbors holy powers that belie her appearance, earning her reverence from all. In contrast with Setsuna, she isn’t the sporty type. She doesn’t physically fight during exorcisms, but uses spiritual mediums to emit her attacks.

Despite her tolerant and kind aura, she can be stubborn and very strong-willed.

Nightmare x Sisters - Sacrifice of Lust-Hell is now available for pre-order on MangaGamer for the promotional price of $26.95, where it will later cost $29.95.

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