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Gogen-soft Seeks Funding for Shoot ‘em Up Midorikawa Castle on Kickstarter

Indie studio Gogen-soft, known for their visual novels, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance their next game: a shoot ‘em up titled Midorikawa Castle.

Gogen-soft is a team of independent developers with experience in making adult visual novels. After the success of their latest crowdfunding project, they now seek funds for their next game: a shoot ‘em up set in ancient Japan.

Titled Midorikawa Castle, the game would take place in an alternative version of the world from their previous game, Oh Mai Tiara: The Road For Love. This time around, the setting resembles medieval Japan. The tyrannical Midorikawa Dynasty rules over Tokyo with an iron fist. The protagonist, a skilled ninja called Raven, decides to rise against this cruel regime.

The game follows classic shoot ‘em up designs with an erotic twist. Players will control Raven as he runs up the screen, either avoiding or destroying enemies coming down his way, until they make it to the stage boss: a heroine whose portrait adores the side of the screen. Dealing damage to her will slowly tear her outfit, allowing players to unlock new CGs.

The game will feature four heroines with unlockable costumes and a unique music track mixing trance with classical instruments used in the Edo era.

To realize their project according to their vision, Gogen-soft needs to collect $2,215 USD [converted from €2,200]. There are also additional plans, in case the goal can be exceeded, including a survival mode with more artworks to unlock, animated CGs, a vocal track, partial voice acting, and new heroines.

Supporters will receive keys for the game for pleading at least $8. The more expensive premium rewards include the digital artbook and soundtrack, as well as the ability to design a custom dress, order a sketch of any character, and even design a CG or a character for the game.

While the team acknowledges that the project will pose some challenge, especially since it’s their first game made with Unity, they believe that it will lead to something satisfying.

You can now support Midorikawa Castle on Kickstarter. As of writing, they have raised $123 USD [converted from €123] of the total goal. The crowdfunding campaign will last until Sat, January 7, 2023 12:05 PM EST.

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