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An English translation patch for the romantic visual novel, Hokenshitsu no Sensei to Shabondama Chuudoku no Joshu, has been completed and released.

Hokenshitsu no Sensei to Shabondama Chuudoku no Joshu — or Hokenjo — is a kinetic visual novel developed by Citrus. In Hokenjo, Ghosts are referred to as "Tamabito", with Okuribito being the people who send Tamabito off to the afterlife. Kazama Sora is a traveling Okuribito, with Shirabana being his bubble-blowing assistant. Sora is searching for his missing sister, who had died and became a Tamabito. His hope is to finally give her a loving send off because she raised him as if she was a mother.

During the Spring, Sora and Shirobana stop in Saika Town, a countryside area known for its dandelion fields and natural hot springs. They heard from an acquaintance that many Tamabito gather in this town — and that Sora’s sister might just be among them. To earn money for their stay at the local hot springs inn, Sora will have to use his skills as an Okuribito to work as a temporary nurse at Saika Girls’ School and counsel the students there. He'll have to listen to the students' problems and — together with Shirabana — resolve incidents that unfold at the school.

Thanks to the translation patch worked on by Tsukishiro and Takafumi, fans can now experience the game in English. In the event players come across any typos or errors, Tsukishiro recommends tweeting the errors their way, as they'll be regularly updating the patch for a while more. According to the "Read this first" document included with the patch, some images wouldn't work with the language toggle; if you want to see these images in the original Japanese, rename the image folder.

The download link to the translation patch for Hokenjo can be found on Tsukishiro’s Twitter, while the game can be purchased on Fanza Games for 4,950¥ (approx. $33.98).

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