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Yaoi Visual Novel Slow Damage Available for Pre-Order on JAST USA

Slow Damage, Nitro+CHiRAL’s boy’s love visual novel about an artist in a city of excess, is now available for pre-order on JAST USA.

Slow Damage takes place in Shinkomi, a special economic zone constructed in place of the Tokyo Waterfront City to help drag the nation out of recession. It’s the biggest casino area in Japan, controlled entirely by the Takasato Group. The area draws in desperate people looking for any kind of lucky break from the recession, as well as hopeful ones purposefully looking to strike it big. With swathes of people constantly coming in, Shinkomi is in a constant state of unrest, with crime and corruption running rampant.

Towa is a depraved, apathetic, and hedonistic young man living in the Murase Clinic, one of Shinkomi’s private hospitals, owned by his childhood friend, Takuma. Having grown up with Towa, Takuma simply can’t abandon him, but Towa himself has little care for the world. He spends his days hunting for people with strong desires, hoping to draw out those desires and capture them in his paintings. In the art world, he’s known as ‘euphoria’ for the subject of his works. Painting is his only passion.

Slow Damage is a visual novel with adventure game elements. Players can spend their days in Shinkomi by visiting various locations, with their choices guiding the story toward one of the multiple different endings. During his careless life in the district, Towa will come across his cheerful friend, Izumi Rei; the legal advisor of the Tasakato Group who looks down on him, Fujidea Ryo; and a mysterious, dangerous man from his past, Madarame Kei; while also working as a receptionist at Murase Takuma’s private clinic.

The hotly anticipated new game from Nitro+CHiRAL utilizes unique gameplay elements and dark sexuality to create an experience unlike any other. With stylish art, taut writing, and a soundtrack infused with noir atmosphere, Slow Damage represents the pinnacle of the Boys’ Love genre and the Visual Novel format.


The year is 20xx, and the declining nation of Japan has built the ultimate casino resort: Shinkoumi.

This “special economic zone,” once known as Tokyo Waterfront City, is functionally its own separate country under the complete control of a private managing organization known as the Takasato-gumi.

But of course, a city with open doors has its dark side. Amidst the rampant crime and decay, degenerate hedonist Towa lives each day like it’s his last…

Content Warning

The story contains mature themes with references to rape, human trafficking, suicide, child abuse, self injury, medical malpractice, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and gender dysphoria that may not be suitable for players sensitive to these topics.

Slow Damage is now available for pre-order on JAST USA for the promotional price of $22.49, where it will later cost $24.99. The visual novel is scheduled to release on November 14th.

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