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ARTLINK has published INTERHEART’s series of short story nukige visual novels, Obedient Women, on Steam.

Obedient Women is a series of short visual novel stories that contain one free episode, with the remaining stories sold as separate DLC. As many as ten stories are planned for the series, with four currently available at the time of writing. Most of the storylines so far feature themes of cuckoldry, often from the perspectives of the bulls.

The game's free episode, Obedient Women - Glamorous Bodied Twenty-Something Housewife, is a netorare story about a lustful and manipulative company boss, Kazuyuki Saeki, who ends up at one of his co-worker’s apartments after a night of heavy drinking. There, he meets his employee’s wife Fushumachi Harumi. Wanting to get his hands on the woman, he begins a plot to send her husband away on an assignment. With him out of the way, he visits Harumi once more, this time blackmailing her: if she won’t listen to his demands, he’s going to fire her husband and ruin his career.

The first of the game's premium episodes, Obedient Women - Retired Porn Actress, is a similar story of blackmail and abuse. The protagonist, Yuta Nozoki realizes that one of his neighbors is a now-retired porn actress, whom he used to meet at fan events. Yuta decides to exploit her desire to leave that life behind by threatening to reveal her past to his husband if she doesn’t do as she’s told.

Obedient Women - Bored Wife Alone In The Apartment, is another story set in the corporate world, following the efforts of Haruomi Sasahira, who lusts after the wife of one of his employees, the short-haired Kurokawa Saaya. He invites both of them on a company trip, during which he steals Saaya’s travel itinerary. The same evening, he tells her that he’s found it and she should come to his room to take it back. He then tries to seduce Saaya, only to discover that she’s dissatisfied with her current sex life.

The last currently available story is Obedient Women - An Unacceptable Dangerous Love. In this netori storyline, readers follow Minagi Kota, as he visits his former crush, Minagi Yuiko. While he’s always loved her, she ended up marrying one of his relatives. Despite that turn of events, his feelings for her never waned. Seeing her casually walking about in her bra, he decides to express his feelings.

Obedient Women is currently available on Steam. The base game is free but features only the game’s menus. Additional DLC has to be installed to add game content, with the first story being free and the remainder being sold for $7.99 each.

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