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Yaoi Visual Novel Ruins - An Acolytes of the Chrystals Story Now Available for Free on Itch.io

Ruins - an acolytes of the Chrystals story, Mystery Zone Games' yaoi visual novel about a young courier's encounter in a wild forest, is now available on Itch.io.

Ruins - an acolytes of the Chrystals story is a standalone yaoi visual novel set in the universe of Mystery Zone Games’ Acolytes of the Chrystals series. The visual novel follows the courier, a young man of short stature, whose latest task sees him delivering a message through an enchanted wood.

During his travel, the courier is approached by a mysterious, towering man named Scriptus. The stranger immediately admits to having been trailing the protagonist for some time now, moving between the bushes from a safe distance. According to the stranger, he only did so because he’s been waiting for the perfect moment to introduce himself. All he wanted was to join the courier on his travel, so long they’re both trying to move through the woods. As Scriptus explains it, he simply dislikes traveling alone.

It’s immediately apparent that Scriptus is rather shy, and once he explains his story, it’s not hard to understand why: he’s an orc. His people are rare in this world, as they’ve been hunted to near-extinction by humans due to their monstrous appearance. They’re so rare, in fact, that the courier has no knowledge of them. Either way, the stranger seems pleasant and is clearly interested in the protagonist from a sexual point of view. While he can’t fully trust the stranger, the courier allows the large man to follow him regardless.

The story consists of roughly 52,000 words, which is estimated to provide about 5 hours of gameplay, with four unique endings and fifteen erotic scenes to experience.

Ruins - an acolytes of the Chrystals story is now available for PC, Mac, Linux and Android for free on Itch.io.

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