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Dieselmine has published Alchemist Tris’s Desire, kagurado’s crafting-centric RPG Maker game about a futanari, on Steam.

Alchemist Tris’s Desire is an RPG that features classic-styled turn-based combat and crafting quests. Tris, the game's titular protagonist, is an alchemist trying to create a certain medicine, but needs the white light plant: a flower that only blooms under certain circumstances. It cannot be planted or bred by humans and must be found in nature. She arrives in the village where it used to be collected and asks the village chief about it, but he says he hasn’t seen the flower around. Doubting his words, Tris decides to stay in the village to gain the villagers' trust — and possibly more information.

The game features three difficulties to play through: normal, smooth, and super smooth. Normal mode will limit your available inventory, smooth will give you a limitless inventory, and super smooth will give you all the materials you need so you can easily go through the story. After accepting a quest from a villager, you will need to go into the forest to collect ingredients, be it on the ground or from monsters. Monsters and other ingredients will not appear unless they're within a certain range of you. You can avoid monsters, but if you do get into a battle, Trish can only fight with items that she's crafted herself, such as a variety of bombs.

When you're done scrounging around the forest, you can return home to craft items or go to sleep for the day. After delivering an item to a villager to complete the quest, Tris can fuck them with her futanari cock and gain their trust. Alchemist Tris’s Desire features fifteen heroines to help and over fifty sex scenes to view.

Alchemist Tris’s Desire is available on Steam for $18.99, with an uncensored patch for the title available through Dieslmine’s Twitter. If you want to try out the gameplay first, then consider playing the game’s demo.

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